Some Boards from the Italian Open Teams Championship

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The Vinci team is the new Italian Open Teams Champion. Fulvio Fantoni one of its players, explain us some of the boards he played. Photo Open Podium.

By Fulvio Fantoni
On 29 April, 2013 At 16:47

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1° Eccellenza Open: VINCI (F.S. Vinci, M. Bessis, T. Bessis, F. Fantoni, C. Nunes, F. Hugony, C. Nunes)

1° Eccellenza Open: VINCI (F.S. Vinci, M. Bessis, T. Bessis, F. Fantoni, C. Nunes, F. Hugony, C. Nunes)

This article was written by Fulvio fantoni before he won this year edition of the  Italian Open Teams Championship.

Hi all; we are in Salsomaggiore Terme, near Parma, for the Italian Open Teams Championship.

Last year we could won versus Lavazza team at the last round and we are defending our title 😆

Our team: Francesco Saverio Vinci, Fabrizio Hugony, Michel and Thomas Bessis, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes.

So the composition of the team is the same as 2012. I will now tell you about some boards from the first round.

In the first board the bidding went:


The opponent alerts 4 as a natural bid and 5 as support.

What can we lead with these cards:  –  J9742  643  K10865 ?

And what if 4 is alerted as  Cue Bid and 5 as  Cue Bid without  Cue Bid and without  Cue Bid and with odd number of Aces?

This is the full board:


With the wrong explanation I decided to lead 6… At our table opponents could realize 12 tricks, that can’t be realized without a Clubs lead, while at the other table our team mates made 5.

Board 8 was luckier for us:


The bidding at our table was:

mano2l3 a

In the Open Room, instead:

mano2l3 b

As you can see this board was a good one especially thanks to the young Thomas Bessis. With 5422 he decided to open 1NT instead of 1. North could not bid anything and the bidding stopped there. I am not necessary telling you to transgress the rules, as young players often do, but with 5422, if long suits are minore and if you have top cards in both the majors opening 1NT is often favorable.

As you can see, on my opponent’s 1 I could bid Double and from that point on we could easily bid the game. 

And then board 9, a “philosophical” one: Click here to continue reading

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