Simple Squeeze by Bob Crosby

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Planning a simple squeeze takes some visualization and a knowledge of the conditions necessary for a squeeze to operate or you can just fall into them.

By Bob Crosby
On 13 March, 2015 At 11:55

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Bob Crosby
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Saturday, November 23, 2002 12:02 AM

Planning a simple squeeze takes some visualization and a knowledge of the conditions necessary for a squeeze to operate or you can just fall into them.

Squeezes come about due to the nature of the game of Bridge. The Bridge elements important to squeezes are:

1) declarer plays with two hands hers and the dummy


2)  Bridge is played in a clockwise order.

The two hand advantage for squeezes to operate is that these two hands can “gang up” on one hand and like a sandwich or vise, squish or squeeze the single hand. Normally its declarer and the dummy that gang up on one victim for a simple squeeze but there are defensive squeezes where two defenders can contrive to squeeze declarer !!

The clockwise order of the game of Bridge is important in that it determines who can get squeezed . Lets review the simple squeeze conditions with my comments thrown in for good measure:

1) There should be a 1 card menace and a 2 card menace. A menace is a card that is lower than the opponent”s card, which if he discards will cause a trick to be won.

Menace or threat are used interchangeably for the same thing. 2 card menace means a threat card and an entry and the one card threat means just that. The winners in that suit should be cashed so its down to just one card . It is good practice to isolate the one card threat but not necessary in simple squeezes. For more advanced squeezes its is imperative.

2) Entry to 2-card menace is necessary for a squeeze to operate .( exception is the criss-cross squeeze)

The threat in the 2 card menace can be “split” between declarer and the dummy . Anyway , an entry with the 2-card threat is necessary.

3) Same opponent should be guarding 2 suits.

This is a simple squeeze meaning only one defender is the victim .

4) Count should be rectified i.e. If “n” tricks are required and “n-1” tricks are certain then 13-n tricks  should be conceded before squeeze can operate.

This is a law for all squeezes . For simple squeezes you must be just one trick short of your goal and your losers given up before the squeeze can operate.

5) If both 1 and 2 card menace are in the same hand only the person to the right  of that hand is squeezed. If they are in opposite hands ( yourself and dummy ) either  opponents can be squeezed.

This is the clockwise order thing …

6) Squeeze card must come from the hand opposite the 2 card menace ( yourself or dummy ).

This is important in slams where you have lots of tricks to be cashed first . Be sure you end up in the hand opposite the 2 card menace with your last squeeze card.

7) To squeeze either of the opponents holding a guard in 2 suits, a master card is cashed and 1 card menace is created in hand opposite the 2 card menace it online casino is called “VIENNA COUP”.

To execute a squeeze you must be able to visualize and “read” the cards . This is done by (you guessed it ) patterns . You apply a pattern to the opponent that you want to be squeezed and throw in the appropriate honour cards and play on that assumption. If she has to be 5-4-2-2 for the squeeze to work than play on that basis …

On the play e-mails ( simple squeeze ) I sent out previously , go thru them and recognize the squeeze conditions that makes it work . In the example below its recognizing that the squeeze card has to be opposite the 2 card threat …

Q J 7 4
6 4 3
K 8 2
A J 5
8 6 3
7 6 5 2
10 9 7 3
4 3
A K 10 9 2
K J 10
J 6 5
10 2
A Q 9
A Q 4
K Q 9 8 7 6

6 by South, lead: 8.

E had opened the bidding with 1. E takes J with K and backs a club. Now you have 2 Hearts (with a finesse), 3 Diamonds and 6 Clubs =11 tricks. To make 12, you have to concede 13-12=1 trick which the opponents have already taken. Your only chance is if E is holding KJ10 so that only he can guard against A9 with you. Thus A9 will be the 2 card menace. Q will be the 1 card menace. The        point to remember is that the squeeze card has to come from the hand opposite the 2 card menace i.e. from N”s hand. Therefore C in S”s hand cannot be the squeeze card.

But K in N”s hand will be the squeeze card. Once this is clear, the line of play is simple. Take J, finesse , cash AQ, cash all the clubs. Now 3 card position is as shown. Now you play 4 and K becomes the squeeze card. E is squeezed and you get either Q or 9.


7 6
K 10

A 9



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