Sanya 2014: Zia and a Fantastic Defense

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Zia explains a fantastic defense by Sabine AUKEN (Germany) and Roy WELLAND (Germany).

By Ana Roth
On 13 October, 2014 At 18:41

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Mixed Teams Championship






Sanya China; 13 de Octubre 2014Marion Michielsen

Zia Mahmood is in Sanya, China playing the World Mixed teams Championship.

His team is: Sabine AUKEN (Germany) – Roy WELLAND (Germany); Marion MICHIELSEN (Netherlands) – Zia MAHMOOD (U.S.A.); Anita SINCLAIR (England) – Nafiz ZORLU (Turkey).



Zia’s team named Salvo will star to play the Quaterfinals these tuesday , October 14th.

During the second day of the qualifying stage, Fernando Lema, editor asked Zia about some interesting hand and he told him about a fantastic defense by Sabine AUKEN (Germany) and Roy WELLAND (Germany).

Here is the video with Zia explaining the hand:

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