National Bridge Team Championship China Taipei, 2012

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More than 1000 bridge players participated of the event.

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On 8 July, 2012 At 22:31

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Sub-12 winners

National Bridge Contest 2012 in Kaohsiung City (China Taipei).

Kaohsiung (Chinese: 高雄, Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin: Kaohsiung, POJ: Ko-Hiong) or Takau (Chinese: 打狗, POJ: Ta-kau) is the second city in size and importance of China Taipei, with a population of about 1,450,000 people

On Saturday July 7 ended the National Bridge Open Teams Championship, involving nearly 1,000 athletes divided into different categories according to age. The event was supported by the State Education Bureau, which for years has been implementing teaching bridge at schools and this time used the city convention center for this huge event.

For reference we quote that the 5th World University Bridge Championship organized by FISU in 2010 was played in the same place.

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