Monaco Win their First Champion Cup

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Our sincere congratulations thus go to Tor Helness, Geir Helgemo, Krzysztof Martens, Franck Multon, Pierre Zimmermann and Dominik Filipowicz.

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15th European Champions’ Cup

Zagreb, Croatia • 10 – 12 November 2016

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The five-year supremacy of Turin’s GS Allegra team in this competition has come to an end. Last night, they were beaten at the post by Monaco who then went on to beat Germany’s Bamberger Reiter by 32 IMPs in the semis and Norway’s Heimdal by 77 IMPs in what already at the halfway point had become a formality as Monaco were 34 IMPs up at that point. Our sincere congratulations thus go to Tor Helness, Geir Helgemo, Krzysztof Martens, Franck Multon, Pierre Zimmermann and Dominik Filipowicz. In the other semifinal, Heimdal had secured its place in the final by beating Dutch clear Round Robin winners and therefore the bookmakers’ favourites by 10 IMPs, having enjoyed a bigger lead earlier in the match after making good their initial deficit. In the other finals, GS Allegra regained some of its reputation by winning the B final against France’s Riehm team by 13 IMPs, thus ending in 5th place. The C final was won by Skalman from Sweden who beat local heroes JT3 by IMPS over their 32 boards. The play-off for the bronze was won by Germany’s Bamberger Reiter, who beat their Dutch rivals from ‘t Onstein by 7 IMPs…See you next year in Riga!

1st Monaco 2nd Heimdal 3rd Bamberger
champions-cup-monaco champions-cup-heimdal champions-cup-bamberger


Bulgaria Radkov – Bulgarian National Champion
Tenyu Tenev (pc), Stanislav Nedkov, Radoslav Radev, Todor Tiholov
Croatia BC Dr. Jurica Tomljenovic – JT 3
Tvrtko Perkovic (pc), Goran Borevkovic, Kiril Marinovski, Marina Pilipovic, Ognjen Stanicic, Nikica Šver, Vedran Zoric
England Mossop –English National Champion
David Price (pc), Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Alex Hydes, David Mossop, Paul Hackett
France Riehm – French National Champion
Franck Riehm (pc), Michel Duguet, Cédric Lorenzini, Alain Lévy, Lionel Sebbane, Frédéric Volcker
Germany BC Bamberger Reiter
Michael Gromöller (pc), Jörg Fritsche, Wojtek Gawel, Helmut Häusler, Rafal Jagniewski, Martin Rehder
Italy Fabbriche Villa Fabbriche
Filippo Palma (npc), Dario Attanasio, Giuseppe Failla, Fabio Lo Presti, Francesco Mazzadi, Ruggero Pulga, Gianpaolo Rinaldi
Italy Allegra G.S. Allegra
Maria Teresa Lavazza (npc), Alejandro Bianchedi, Dennis Bilde, Norberto Bocchi, Diego Brenner, Giorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala, Massimo Ortensi (coach)
Monaco Monaco FM
Pierre Zimmermann (pc), Dominik Filipowicz, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness, Kristofer Martens, Franck Multon
Netherlands BC’t Onstein
Simon De Wijs (pc), Bob Drijver, Bauke Muller, Bart Nab, Ricco Van Prooijen, Louk Verhees
Norway Heimdal BK
Allan Livgård (pc), Terje Aa, Per Erik Austberg, Jan Tore Berg, Glenn Grøtheim, Peter Tøndel
Poland Latteria-Tinis-Ilanka
Przemyslaw Zawada (npc), Marcin Krupowicz, Pawel Miechowicz,
Ryszard Sakowicz, Wojciech Strzemecki, Piotr Tuszynski, Marek Urbanski
Sweden Uppsalabridgen, Skalman
Krister Ahlesved (pc), Tommy Bergdahl, Mikael Grönkvist, Daniel Gullberg, Jonas Petersson, Niklas Warne


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