Medellin 2016: Camberos vs Juan Valdes By Ana Roth

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A rainy and cold morning in Buenos Aires, excellent to relax kibitzing good bridge.

Pablo Ravenna
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Medellin, May 31, 2016

12: 30 hs:  A rainy and cold morning in Buenos Aires, excellent to relax kibitzing good bridge. I enter the vugraph of BBO and find that the match that is being transmitted is Camberos vs Juan Valdes, many already must have noticed that… that means that my son is playing, so I have to leave the relax part…for another day. The match ended 52-39 for Camberos.

Camberos Juan Valdes
Medellin 2016 Camberos Mede 2016 Juan valdez
Juan Valdes 39 6.28 Open Room N : Carrera Jaime E : Brenner Diego Close Room N : Pellegrini Carlos E : Hoyos Carlos
Camberos 52 13.72 S : Villalba Fernando O : Ravenna Pablo S : Camberos Hector O : Barrera Jorge

  These are some of the boards that produced the difference.Medellin 2016 Tab 2

Board 2 

 After Brenner’s 1 opening bid, Villalba said 1NT, Ravenna showed a weak hand with diamond support and Carrera chose to double. Villalba showed his heart suit and North closed the heart game.

 Lead: J

 Declarer won the first trick with the K and switched to the 8. Ravenna won with the K, and left his hand with a small club, dummy’s ace, Brenner’s Q, Villalba pitched a diamond from his hand and played a diamond to the queen…when East played low, and run the 7.

After winning the trick with his 10, Brenner cashed the A and left his hand playing a small diamond. Declarer played the J and when West played the 5, he started to think. He had already lost three tricks … and needed to play trumps from dummy, so he ruffed his own trick with the 4 and played the Q.

Brenner with K1053….played small and Villalba played small from his hand too, watching the 8  from Ravenna, declarer continued with the 9, now Brenner covered with the 10, the valet…When Ravenna pitched the 2, Villalba claimed 9 tricks for down one.Med1 2016 Tab 2

The same contract was played at the other table, but with a different declarer play. Here Hoyos opened 1NT (weak), and Camberos doubled. Barrera redoubled asking to play elsewhere, and after Pellegrini’s pass Hoyos said 2 … pass … pass and Pellegrini reopened with double. Camberos said 3 asking his partner to choose a suit and closed the heart game after hearing a 3 answer. The lead was now from East.

Lead: Q

Dummy’s K won the first trick, Pellegrini continued with the A and ruffed a diamond in his hand, to continue with the 6. When East played the 4, he played dummy’s 7. West won with the K, and left his hand with the J. Declarer won the trick with the A, pitching the J from dummy and continued with the 5. Hoyos played the A, and returned the K …declarer ruffed.

Now came Q, K & A, a spade to the queen and the 9, playing small when East played small, after winning this trick Pellegrini played the 6 and claimed his contract. 12 IMPs for Camberos.

Med 2016 1 Tab 5

Board 5

Carrera opened his hand with 3, after two Pass, Ravenna reopened with double. Brenner answered 4 (showing strength) and nobody could stop Ravenna, he landed in the heart slam… down. At the other table Pellegrini also opened 3 but Barrera said 4, Pass, Pass, Pass… Juan Valdes recovered 11 IMPs.  med 2016 1 Tab 8

 Board 8 was the next two digit swing.

Ravenna opened 1, Brenner showed his heart suit, Ravenna continued with a 2 reverse and Brenner showed weakness and extra heart length with 2.

Ravenna insisted with 2 and Brenner chose clubs. Ravenna after a long thought …decided to play 3NT.

The only lead that defeats the contract is a small heart… if declarer ducks the opening lead South wins and returns a spade…If declarer doesn’t duck the opening lead, he will go down later, with no heart protection.

Lead: A

Carrera won the trick and switched to the 9. Dummy’s Q won the trick, and declarer decided to begin developing tricks in the diamond suit, playing the 10. Villalba played small, Ravenna played small, and Carrera won the trick with his queen, to return another club.

The club ace won the trick, and Ravenna run his three clubs ( E/W pitched hearts in the fourth and fifth club) and continued with the K, South won with his ace and returned the 7. Ravenna, after a while, played the only card that let him win his contract: the 8…

Carrera won the trick with his J, but there was no way to defeat the contract … Ravenna claimed his 9 tricks …

At the other table, E/W played 3 two down…11 IMPs for Camberos, which added another 12 IMPs on Board 10 playing a spade partscore, while a spade game was down at the other table. The match was now 52 to 16. But it still was not all said … Juan Valdes team recovered 22 IMPs in the last two boards … and must have breathed deep when they compared the results …Nice save!!!

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