The EBL Champions’ Cup to be held in Israel

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Here the countries that will participate….

By Ana Roth
On 8 July, 2012 At 18:59

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The 11th European Champions’ Cup will take place in Eilat, Israel’s picturesque Red Sea resort, from 15 to 18 November 2012 – as agreed between EBL and Israel BF officials.

As usual, the Cup will be contested by the national team champions of the top ten countries in the open classification of the 2012 European Teams Championships, due to take place in Dublin, plus the defending champions (2011) and the host country.

Participants at the European Champions’ Cup will have the option to take part in the Red Sea International Bridge Festival, also held in Eilat, November 15-25, 2012. Festival information is available here.

Letter from the EBL President: Yves Aubry 


I am pleased to inform you that the 11th edition of the EBL Champions’ Cup will be held at the Isrotel King Solomon Hotel, Eilat, Israel, from 15th to 18th November 2012. According to the results of the 2012 European Open Teams Championship held in Dublin, and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, the National Team Champions (the teams which won the main national Open Team Championship in 2011) of the following NBOs, plus the defending Champion “GS Allegra” Italy, and the Host Team, are invited to participate: BULGARIA – ENGLAND –– GERMANY – ISRAEL – ITALY – MONACO – NETHERLANDS – POLAND – RUSSIA – SWEDEN
I am very pleased, therefore, to invite your Open Team Champions to participate in this extraordinary event.

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