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How do you plan to make ten tricks?

By Tim Bourke
On 23 January, 2013 At 10:39

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Tim Bourke
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Photo: Tim Bourke; Source: Canberra Summer Festival of Bridge 2013

Dealer West,  E-W Vul.

10 9 7 6
A Q 2
K J 5 4
Q 3
K J 6 3
A Q 10 6
A 10 7 5

Oeste Norte Este Sur
Pass 1 Pass 1
1 Doblo* Pass 4

North’s double on the second round promised three-card heart support. As you like an adventurous life, you decide to leap to game in hearts despite knowing that you will have only a 4-3 trump fit. West begins with two top spades and East signals with two small cards to indicate a three-card suit. How do you plan to make ten tricks?

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