Francia: National Division 2nd Weekend

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The match, after the first 13 boards, ended up favoring the Zimmermann team by 65 to 7. Here are some of the hands that generated the result.

By Ana Roth
On 7 November, 2015 At 13:25

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November 7th 2015

This weekend of 7 and 8 November is being played the second round of the French national division

The French National Divisions are going to be played during three weekends in the FFB headquarters in St Cloud.

Schedule: División I   División II    División III
RESULTS: División I   División II    División III

One of the matches was broadcasted on BBO:

Zimmermann (ZIMMERMANN Pierre, HELGEMO Geir, HELNESS Tor, MARTENS Krzysztof, MULTON Franck)


Fleury (M. FLEURY Herve, M. CHARLETOUX Thibaut, M. DUPUIS Xavier, M. GIROLLET Marc, M. GUILLAUMIN Pierre Yves, M. PALAU Jean Jacques).

Zimmermann is playing lately five handed wherein the fifth player is Krzysztof Martens, who until recently held the position of the team coach. In the first set of the match for Zimmemann played Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness in one of the tables and Krzysztof Martens, Franck Multon on the other.

The match, after the first 13 boards, ended up favoring the Zimmermann team by 65 to 7. Here are some of the hands that generated the result.

This week posted a Brian Senior article about today’s preempts, where you could read:

Opening pre-empts today are much looser even for the mass of players, while I believe that they should get even looser, and that is what I see from the younger generation of international and strong tournament players. Let us be clear: the modern trend still takes vulnerability into account, and also position at the table….The old rules for pre-empting were based on bridge being a two-handed game…The new rules are that anything goes because we now understand that bridge is a four-handed game. The point of all this is to do them as often as possible. It makes life difficult for the opposition.DN1 Tablilla 3

Board 3

Multon opened with 2 and bought the board. Declarer scored +110. At the other tableDN1 Tablilla 3 a, Dupuis also opened with 2, but here Helgemo doubled and Helness closed the 3NT contract. Although a diamond lead defeats the contract, South chose a heart lead and declarer didn’t have problems to develop 9 tricks.

Board 4

Multon opened 1NT, and Martens started with Stayman and showed 5 spades cards after his partner denied a 4 cards majors.DN1 Tablilla 4

Multon closed the spade game.

A spade or a clubs lead are the only ones that defeat the contract. At the table East led his K, giving an opportunity to the declarer.  Multon won with his A, and continued with the J. West ruffed with his 6 to return the Q. Declarer won the trick in his hand with the A and played a heart, playing the K (only one card to win the contract) when West played low and continued with another heart to East’s 9, who returned a club.

Multon won with the K and played a small diamond. West threw his heart ace and declarer ruffed in dummy. Now a heart, ruffed and over ruffed…and the rest was easy. Multon ruffed high the club return, played a spade to his ace and claimed…At the other table N/S were playing the same contract, Helness led a spade which gave no chance to the declarer.

Board 5DN1 Tablilla 5

Multon opened 1, Martens showed his spades and afterwards closed the spade game when he listen Multon showing 4 cards support for his 5 spades suit.

A spade or heart lead defeats the contract, but at the table East chose to led a club, this allowed Martens to play K, A and Q pitching a heart loser to claim the contract. At the other table, N/S played only two spades, they also made 10 tricks, but they lost 10 IMPs.DN1 Tablilla 9

Board 9

Multon opened 1 and West competed with 1, Martens pass. Fleury, a passed hand, showed his heart suit, and Multon insisted with diamonds. West closed the heart game and Martens with no defense and NV, sacrificed in 5. Fleury, with a diamond void chose to play 5. Nobody doubled…

The A lead gave him a chance to win the contract … Multon won the first two tricks with his two aces and continued with another spade. Fleury won in hand, and tried plying his club suit ruffing twice in dummy… That line proved to be a a mistake when he found the heart 4-1 and so he went one down. At the other table E/W played a comfortable 4 contract…10 tricks and a lot of IMPs

The standings:

Classement Equipe Comité PV Pénalité Bonus Total cumulé
1 ZIMMERMANN PIERRE FFB 9,76 0,00 0,00 58,53
2 ZALESKI ROMAIN FFB 16,46 0,00 0,00 56,82
3 VINCIGUERRA HERVE FFB 10,24 0,00 0,00 54,59
4 BELLOSTA PHILIPPE FFB 11,62 0,00 0,00 49,27
5 SOULET PHILIPPE FFB 8,38 0,00 0,00 47,27
6 FLEURY HERVE FFB 9,76 0,00 0,00 40,78
7 MEJANE GASTON FFB 10,24 0,00 0,00 34,33
8 ABECASSIS MICHEL FFB 4,2 0,00 0,00 31,65
9 SARIAN FREDERIC FFB 11,62 0,00 0,00 28,35
10 RIEHM FRANCK FFB 3,54 0,00 0,00 28,04
11 ROCAFORT JEAN PIERRE FFB 15,8 0,00 0,00 26,95
12 DOUSSOT BERNARD FFB 8,38 0,00 0,00 23,42




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