France: Interclub 2012

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Monaco monopolized the 2012 French Interclub…

By FrenchFederation
On 17 September, 2012 At 16:59

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Two Monaco teams finished first and second in the final of the 2012 French Interclubs, played on the 15th and 16th September online casino 2012.

1)  Monaco FMB : Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Alain Levy, Frédéric Volcker, Claudio Nunes, Fulvio Fantoni.

2 Monaco FMB ; Nathalie Frey, Elisabeth Hugon, Jean-Charles Allavena, Jean-Jacques Palau, Tor Helness, Geir Helgemo.

3 Garches : Gérard Izisel, Dominique Pilon, Marc Bompis, Jean-Christophe Quantin, Cédric Lorenzini, Jérôme Rombaut.

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