Denver 2015: Day 4

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Eric Greco and Geoff Hampson stormed out of the gate with a 69.23% game in the opening session of the Nail Life Master Pairs and led

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Geoff Hampson and Eric Greco, winners of the Nail Life Master Pairs.
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denver 2015 1DENVER FALL 2015 NABC – NOV 26-DIC 6

El 2015 Fall NABC is being played in Denver, this is an excerpt of the most important Bulletin 3 news:

 Greco, Hampson take Nail LM Pairs title

Kevin Castner and David Gold

Kevin Castner and David Gold

Eric Greco and Geoff Hampson stormed out of the gate with a 69.23% game in the opening session of the Nail Life Master Pairs and led from wire to wire in winning the event for the second time. Between them, the longtime partners have 35 North American championships, including the Nail LM Pairs in 2002. Greco lives in Wynnewood PA, Hampson in Las Vegas. Second place went to Kevin Castner of Kentfield CA and David Gold of Great Britain. Les Amoils of Toronto and Tom Hanlon of Dublin, Ireland, finished third. Leading by just 14.38 matchpoints on a 77 top at the beginning of the second day, Greco and Hampson posted a 59.27% game in the first final session and followed with 53.27% in the second final. The winners didn’t know it, but they were nearly overtaken late in the event. After the 11th round, their lead had shrunk to .19 matchpoints. Their results improved in the final two rounds, however, and they won by 23.75 matchpoints.

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ACBL Denver 2015 Facebook Album 

Senior KO in quarterfinal stage

The Baze Senior Knockout Teams is down to eight survivors, with the top-seeded Vinita Gupta team still in the hunt for a third consecutive victory in the event. Gupta and company – Billy Miller, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Bart Bramley and Lew Stansby – will face the Richard DeMartino squad today. Other pairings, by captain, are Alan Osofsky versus Rose Meltzer, Gaylor Kasle versus Hemant Lall and Jerry Helsm versus Steve Robinson.

In Saturday’s round of 16, Gupta dispatched the Kitty Cooper team 177-77; No. 2 Robinson eliminated Bill Wittman, who withdrew after three sets, behind by 78 IMPs. No. 3 Kasle defeated Steve Evans 203-52 and No.4 Meltzer knocked off No. 13 Steve Rothstein 159-99. The event concludes on Tuesday

Carlos Pellegrini (ARG)-Pablo Lambardi (ARG)

Carlos Pellegrini (ARG)-Pablo Lambardi (ARG)


The Argentine pair: Carlos Pellegrini and Pablo Lambardi arrived second in the Saturday Flight A Pairs (2 sessions, 94 tables)

Saturday Flight A Overall

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Denver 2015:

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