Chennai 2015: The Best Bermuda Bowl Lead?

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This is a spectacular hand, who gave 12 IMPs to Sweden …

By Ana Roth
On 10 October, 2015 At 4:23

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Chennai 2015 cuadrado

42nd World Bridge Teams Championships

Chennai, India • 26 September – 10 October 2015

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The 42nd World Bridge Teams Championships and the 10th World Transnational Open Teams Championship will be held at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Chennai (former Madras), India.

October 10th, 2015 3:26 am Argentina

Poland and Sweden are playing the last two sets, 16 hands each, of the 2015 Bermuda Bowl . Poland started the day with a considerable advantage of 46.5 IMPs, however after the first 11 boards Sweden added 60 IMPs against only 5 to Poland … So Sweden regained the pole position that he lost in the fourth set of the match. The match was now Sweden 250-Poland 242.5.

This is a spectacular hand, who gave 12 IMPs to Sweden …

 Board 8Tablilla 8 set 7

 After Klukowski’s pass, Upmark opened 3, Gawrys competed in diamonds and Nystrom closed the spade game. Klukowski said 5. After two pass, Nystrom took a while before deciding his voice. He finally passed and almost immediately led a small spade, only lead to defeat the contract!!!!

The time had been taken to reflect on his lead …

Nystrom problem with any other lead is that he will be endplayed two tricks later, giving the contract to declarer, the only possibility was that his partner could win the first trick and play back a club…

Lead: 9

Upmark won the first trick with his Q and returned a club…declarer chose to play the A, continued with the A, capturing the Q and the K, he continued with the A and another heart, and claimed 10 tricks for one down.tablilla 8 set 7 final de 9 cartas

At the other table, Sweden also played 5 diamonds but doubled. The player from Poland in South chose to lead the trump queen and declarer made 11 tricks…

After winning the first trick, Wrang played the A and another . South won with his K, but he was endplayed…he only could win his A…and surrendered…

Sweden end winning the set 70 to 5.

Now only missing 16 boards, the match could still go either way …

Watch the video where Nystrom’s lead defeats the contract. Note the time it takes before passing and how fast he leads…

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