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Videos: The Best Players tell you….

By WBF • 12 February, 2017

WBF videos

We hope you enjoy these videos if you have not already done so:

Do Not Ask With Two Losers By Phillip Alder

By Phillip Alder • 11 February, 2017

cartoon teams

When you are contemplating a suit slam, singularity a singleton — means that the opponents can win at most one trick in that suit. More dangerous is a doubleton. If you…

Goren Bridge

By Charles Goren • 5 February, 2017

There has been observed a tendency on the part of less experienced players to overemphasize the conventional features of contract bridge. Each new bidding device is taken warmly to their hearts and employed at every possible and impossible occasion.

A Choice Between Losing Tricks by Ira Corn

By ferlema • 21 January, 2017

La Tortuga y La Liebre

At all levels of plays, the secret of success lies not so much in playing well as in no playing badly, quite a different thing. The opportunity for brillance presents itself rarely; the oportunity for error lies arround every corner.

Plan the Play by Ira Corn

By ferlema • 17 January, 2017


If you were not careful at tricks one and two, you probably lost the slam. Observe what may happen if South plays carelessly to the first two tricks.

Lyon 2017

By WBF • 9 January, 2017

The World Bridge Federation announced that Lyon, France, has been selected to host the World Bridge Teams Championships in 2017.

Camrose 2017

By Ana Roth • 9 January, 2017


This weekend was the first of the Camrose Trophy and saw an intense competition between the open teams of England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Card combinations

By Ana Roth • 8 January, 2017


The study of card combinations is a project that yields dividends time and time again.

Not All Finesses Are Equal By Omar Sharif

By Ana Roth • 5 January, 2017


One of the first plays in the bridge players lexicon is “Avoidance.” It is a technique of keeping the danger hand off lead. Here’s a basic example.

Tips To Good Bridge By Oswald Jacoby

By Ana Roth • 26 December, 2016

In rubber bridge or in a total-point bridge contest a part-score contract is of only limited importance. You …