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The VETOP Hand of the day: A Just Decision

By ferlema • 29 May, 2016

Carlos Pellegrini y Fernando Lema

Medellin 2016: we present you the first VETOP International Hand of the day, explained by the South American Master Carlos Pellegrini (ARG).

Interview with Rodrigo and Giuseppe, two new World Champions

By Ana Roth • 2 September, 2015

01 delle y ro

Rodrigo and Giuseppe played in the “Zlatan” team with two other pairs from Sweden and were crowned as World Champions. Bravo, Bravisimo!

Juan Carlos Ventin by Angie Bach

By Angie Bach • 4 January, 2015

fotosfinalespaña 005

-¿Juan Carlos: Do you have a funny story to tell us?…¿Do you know the Coca Cola Coup?…

The Old Army Game by Alan Truscott

By ferlema • 3 January, 2014

Eduardo Scanavino

Among the various forms of deception available at the bridge table is one that used to be called ”The old Army game.” The declarer boldly leads a weak suit in the hope that the defenders will be dissuaded from leading it themselves.

Alejandro Bianchedi Interview

By Ana Roth • 29 November, 2013

Alejandro Bianchedi

Meet Alejandro Bianchedi the brand new member of the Lavazza team. You will have the opportunity to see him play in a few days … Watch his video report by Fernando Lema.

The Ladies Cavendish 1st Edition: Malena Iacapraro-Charo Garateguy

By Ana Roth • 11 October, 2013

Charo y Malena

The Argentine ladies bridge pair: Charo Garateguy – Malena Iacapraro received the formal invitation to participate in the first edition of this event and they will depart to Monaco in a few days.

Argentine: 2013 Open Pairs

By Ana Roth • 19 May, 2013

CN 2013

22 pairs played durng 3 days. Pancho Montes de Oca and Robin Fellus (ITA) showing an un excellent level since the very first session, easily won the event.

2013 Argentine Trials. The Gran Final.

By Ana Roth • 4 November, 2012


Rizzo team in the Open category and Previde Team in the Ladies category will represent Argentina in the next Sudamericano de Bridge Angra 2013.

Argentine Trials for Angra 2013

By Ana Roth y Fernando Lema • 7 October, 2012

Maestras Sudamericanas: Silvia Boldt, Maria Elena Iacapraro, Gloria Iribarren y Charo Garateguy

In the Ladies Category the victory was for the South American Masters: Silvia Boldt, Maria Elena Iacapraro, Gloria Iribarren y Charo Garateguy.

Argentine National Championship: Interclubes First Category.

By Ana Roth • 28 June, 2012


Champions 2012, photo: Gabino Alujas, Felipe Ferro, Francisco Montes de Oca y Santiago Rueda, Walter Fornasari, Arturo Muscolo, Juan Rueda y Marcelo Villegas