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Vanderbilt 2015 Final 3rd Set: Lavazza vs Diamond

By Ana Roth • 22 March, 2015

sementa bocchi duboin

After the first two sets, Diamond was winning 24 IMPs. In the third set, Lavazza managed to tie the match … on the Board 13 and…

Vanderbilt 2015 Final 1st Set: Lavazza vs Diamond

By Ana Roth • 22 March, 2015

Vanderbilt 2015 La final

At the end of the first set..Diamond was leading by 40 IMPs. Only 4 boards originated almost the whole difference, these are three of them:

Vanderbilt 2015: Assael vs Lavazza

By Ana Roth • 21 March, 2015

Bocchi -Madala

Both teams arrived to the 6 spades slam, Duboin led the club ace and afterwards Zia made a trump trick for one down…

New Orleans 2015: The Goddess Fortune said Yes?… start to think

By Ana Roth • 21 March, 2015

Zimmermann piensa

Once Multon tabled his hand…Zimmermann begun to think and to think…he thought more than 6 minutes…Watch de video…below…

Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 9

By ACBL • 21 March, 2015

Madala Agustin

Assael stuns Monaco with 4th-quarter rally. The semifinals: Diamond-Fleisher and Lavazza- Assael

New Orleans 2015: ACBL Photo Albums

By ACBL • 19 March, 2015

no 56

Access all the ACBL New Orleans 2015 Photo Albums

Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 6

By ACBL • 18 March, 2015

Massimiliano Di Franco, Andrea Manno, Cédric Lorenzini y Thomas Bessis.

Photo: Platinum Pairs winners and runner ups : Cédric Lorenzini & Thomas Bessis and Massimiliano Di Franco & Andrea Manno,

Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 4

By ACBL • 16 March, 2015

Cedric Lorenzini and Thomas Bessis, winners PP

Parisians Thomas Bessis and Cedric Lorenzini finished in the winner’s seat when the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs came to a close.

Providence 2014: Peg Kaplan Photos

By Peg Kaplan • 2 December, 2014


Beautiful pictures from Providence 2014 by Peg Kaplan

Providence 2014: Thinking Bridge Day 4 by Eddie Kantar

By ACBL • 1 December, 2014

Eddie Kantar

This double of a voluntarily bid slam is called a Lightner Slam Double after its originator, Teddy Lightner.