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Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Last Day

By ACBL • 23 March, 2015

Gandores ult dia NO 2015

Last Winners and Runners UP….

Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 10

By ACBL • 22 March, 2015

zia + italianos

Lavazza vs Diamond in Vanderbilt final. Photo Lavazza team plus Di Franco-Manno

New Orleans 2015: When the Goddess Fortune tells you NO … is NO.

By Ana Roth • 20 March, 2015

Fleisher Willenken Rosenberg

A crucial board from the Vanderbilt Round of 16

Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 7

By ACBL • 19 March, 2015

sementa versace cem tokay ult

Susan Stubinski and Bruce Wick from Houston TX never faltered on their way to a victory in the Rockwell Mixed Pairs. Photo: Sementa-Versace-Cem Tokay at NO 2015

Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 3

By Ana Roth • 15 March, 2015

NABC NO 2015

Bates, Kasle win Lebhar IMP Pairs; Cedric Lorenzini and Thomas Bessis from Paris, France, lead Platinum pairs.

Spring NABC: New Orleans 2015 Day 2

By ACBL • 14 March, 2015

Levin y Coren

Reda Wasfi Yaacoub y Wael Mohsen from Egypt are leading the Platinum Pairs. Photo: Richard Coren and Bobby Levin won the Platinum Pairs last year

Fall NABC: Providence 2014, The End

By ACBL • 8 December, 2014


Schwartz rallies for Reisinger victory; Lynch wins North American Swiss; Meckstroth wins 10K Swiss; Levin is Player of the Year; Brogeland, Lindqvist tie for Goren Trophy

Fall NABC: Providence 2014; Day 10

By ACBL • 7 December, 2014

peg 6

Nickell leading in Reisinger; Lynch cruises in NA Swiss semifinal; Jablonski leads 10K Swiss. Photo: Eric Kokish, Nickell’s Coach.

Fall NABC: Providence 2014; Day 9

By ACBL • 6 December, 2014

Prov 50

Schwartz leads Reisinger, Lynch sets pace in NA Swiss, Levin in control of POY contest

Fall NABC: Providence 2014; Day 8

By ACBL • 5 December, 2014

John Hurd and Justin Lall

Reisinger BAM starts today; Hurd and Lall win Blue Ribbon Pairs; Schuetts repeat as Senior Mixed champs; Demme, Kertes win Mini-Blues in squeaker