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Delta Swiss Final I: A Mysterious Substitute

By Hanan Sher • 11 May, 2012

The last match of the Delta Swiss, against the Pharaoh’s heavily-favored…

Delta Swiss II/2: Trapping the Camel Dealer

By Hanan Sher • 11 May, 2012

“We have a 20 DMP (Desert Match Point) lead,” Poppa Jake told his…

Delta Swiss Semi II/1: Poppa Meets the Used Camel Dealer

By Hanan Sher • 24 April, 2012

The semifinal opponents promised to be the toughest test yet for Poppa Jake’s team of desert bridgeplayers …

Delta Swiss I/2: Avaris Revisited

By Hanan Sher • 14 April, 2012

The Delta Swiss was one of the few times that…

Delta Swiss Semifinal I: Visitors from Afar

By Hanan Sher • 25 March, 2012

As might be expected in a land where the Divine Right of Kings superseded even the Law of Total Tricks