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Set Up Your Side Suit Early

By Bernard Magee • 4 November, 2012


A valuable method for setting up extra tricks is to use a long suit, but it is very important to have an entry to run this suit. With this in mind, it can be wise to

Use the Rule of Twenty

By Jeremy Dhondy • 22 October, 2012

Jeremy Dhondy

How do you decide whether or not to open the bidding? High card points? Distribution? Honour tricks (if you are old fashioned)? In truth, it’s probably a

Don’t Bid Again After Pre-Empting

By Derek Rimington • 10 October, 2012

Derek Rimington

Playing rubber bridge (or indeed any form of scoring), an opening bid of three or more indicates a hand with a…

Use the Rule of Two and Three

By Derek Rimington • 1 October, 2012


Rule is a bit of a misnomer. It is a guideline from the 1930 about overcalls and pre-emptive bidding.

Ruff In the Short Hand

By Bernard Magee • 2 September, 2012


A way to create extra tricks…