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Signals at Trick 1

By Julian Pottage • 4 November, 2012


If partner makes an opening lead and you are not trying to win the first trick, you usually want to indicate whether you would like partner to lead the suit again.

Follow with the Bottom of a Sequence

By Dave Huggett • 22 October, 2012

Dave Huggett

Most people understand the value of leading the top card from a sequence and the message it conveys to partner. It is equally important to…

Defence Quiz from Mr.Bridge109

By Julian Pottage • 10 October, 2012


YOU are East in the defensive positions below. It is your turn to play. Both sides are using NT: 12-14.

Don’t Abuse Conventions

By Justin Corfield • 1 October, 2012

Justin Corfield

Same players like conventions so much that they use them on any hand, however inappropriate. Here is a novel way to lose points:

Make Defenders Lead

By Julian Pottage • 2 September, 2012


Often the best way to play a suit is not to play it yourself but to let the other side lead it.