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What value should I put on tens?

By Heather Dhondy • 4 November, 2012

Heather Dhondy

What value should I put on tens when making a no-trump reply to my partner’s 1NT opening bid?

Forcing or not?

By Michael Byrne • 22 October, 2012

Michael Byrne

ONE of the problems that the improving player struggles with is when a bid can be passed (non-forcing) and when it can’t be
passed (forcing).

When Should I lead an Ace against a Slam?

By Julian Pottage • 10 October, 2012


I never know whether to lead an ace against a small slam. While I hate doing so in case the king is

Establish Dummy’s Suit

By Justin Corfield • 2 September, 2012

Justin Corfield

A key technique in declarer play