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Third & Fourth Seat Openings By Paul Lavings

By Paul Lavings • 18 April, 2017

cartoon strategy

Most partnerships haven’t defined their strategy for third and fourth seat openings. Sort yourselves out with this quiz on third seat openings, nil vulnerable:

Jump Shifts – Strong or Weak?

By Ana Roth • 2 February, 2017

'Why yes, I have been bungee jumping!'

Originally all jump shifts were strong – promising at least game going values, usually slam interest. Then came the era of….

A valuable convention

By Ana Roth • 26 January, 2017

South dealer; North-South vulnerable.

* Artificial and forcing
Opening lead — 3
When a player not on lead doubles a slam voluntarily reached by the opponents, the …

Flip-Flop Flannery Convention by Neil H. Timm

By Neil H. Timm • 12 January, 2017

When partner opens 2NT or after the bid of 2C, many partnerships employ the Puppet (3C) Stayman Convention to try to find…

Splinter Bids By Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 25 November, 2016

bergen best tips

Using Standard methods, many players would bid exactly as you and your partner did. However, there is a better way.

Strengthen Your Game By Brent Manley

By Ana Roth • 14 November, 2016

brent manley 1

If you want to improve your scores in duplicate, especially in pairs, it’s important to have a firm grasp on competitive bidding strategies.

Trouble with lebensohl By Billy Miller

By Ana Roth • 11 November, 2016


Dear Billy, We have been having a great deal of trouble with lebensohl. My partner and I not only use it after our 1NT openers when the opponents interfere, but also when…

The Elwell Double By Billy Miller

By Ana Roth • 6 November, 2016

Most players do not have a cool gizmo or gadget to use over auctions by the opponents, such as 1NT-3NT, 2NT-3NT or 1NT-2NT-3NT. You will pass almost every time, and …

When Blackwood is not enough Part II By Barry Rigal

By Barry Rigal • 26 July, 2016

Barry Rigal

Following completion of the transfer, a jump in your own major at your second turn is a mild slam try, showing a …

When Blackwood is not enough By Barry Rigal

By Barry Rigal • 20 July, 2016

Barry Rigal 1

Everyone knows that the ace-asking inquiry named after Easley Blackwood is usually initiated by a call of 4NT. We have all had disasters when