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Conventions: OBAR BIDS

By Ana Roth • 12 June, 2017

OBAR BIDS – Acronym for Opponents Bid And Raise – Balance In Direct Seat. Popularized by Larry Cohen in …

An unknown Drury trick By Mike Lawrence

By Mike Lawrence • 5 February, 2017

"...But if you'd led back a heart instead of that spade..."

Many players use Drury, an excellent convention. This article will discuss an aspect of Drury that doesn’t get discussed much. It occurs when your opponents use Drury.

“So they doubled Stayman: What do I do?” By Billy Miller

By Ana Roth • 25 November, 2016


When you open the bidding with 1NT, you usually feel confident that your side is going to be in control of the auction. It is true that the opponents have learned to….

Bergen And Jump (Limit And Preemptive) Raises By Brent Manley

By Barry Rigal • 14 November, 2016

David Stern, Barry Rigal y Brent Manley

Bergen raises became popular in the 80s and are now widely played. They let you make pre-emptive, mixed and limit raises efficiently, though they seem to commit…

Serious and Non-serious 3NT By Barry Rigal

By Barry Rigal • 9 November, 2016


This brings us to one of the more important patches that 2/1 requires. When in my youth I first read about these methods, Edgar Kaplan remarked that the problem with game-forcing sequences was…

Slam-oriented auctions: Gadgets and Gizmos By Barry Rigal

By Barry Rigal • 8 November, 2016

Barry Rigal 1

Major-suit jumps to the five-level: This subject was first covered in detail by Alan Hiron in Bridge Magazine 40 years ago…

The impossible 2 Spades By Billy Miller

By ACBL • 31 October, 2016

What could be more fun than having a cool gizmo or gadget come up at the bridge table? Whatever level of your partnership, it is so much fun to have an…

Range Stayman By Billy Miller

By ACBL • 27 October, 2016

Bridge cartoon K and Q

Almost everybody plays strong 1NT overcalls with systems “on.” With much less discussion, we also assume that a balancing 1NT is natural, but the range….

Responding to Negative Double – Gadget (Billy Miller)

By ACBL • 21 October, 2016

Billy Miller

Let’s examine two auctions that come up all the time. You probably have never given them much thought because they are so basic. What you may not have realized is that there is a magical quality to these auctions that you may have overlooked.

Conventions: Ambiguous Splinters

By Marty Bergen • 11 April, 2016

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

I believe that it was Marty Bergen who first published the idea of ambiguous splinters (he calls them splinters with relay).