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Conventions: Bourke Relay

By Ana Roth • 8 June, 2017

Jumping to 3NT may be your first instinct, but this is a bit premature. Imagine if partner has these type of hands:

Ask Jerry: Surely there is more about redouble…

By Jerry Helms • 31 May, 2017

Dear Jerry, As a result of a recent disaster it is clear to me that I do not understand what responder should do after…

Can The Michaels Cuebid be Improved? By Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 2 February, 2017

"Gentlemen - raise your glasses'

Most of you are probably familiar with the convention known as a Michaels cuebid. It was invented by Mike Michaels many years ago and…

Puppet in Puppet (Muppet) By Bill Jacobs

By Ana Roth • 26 October, 2016


Partner bids a strong 2NT, and you have a moderate hand with 5 spades and 4 hearts. This shape has always been a bugbear: it seems impossible to construct a method that allows a choice between 3NT, 4H and 4S.

Bergen Raises

By Ana Roth • 14 October, 2016


Bergen Raises are a neat little tool that has both constructive and destructive purposes. The main advantage of the Bergen Raise is to let the partnership know of…

Three favourite slam tools By Andrew Robson

By Andrew Robson • 14 October, 2016

andrew robson 2

My three favourite slam tools are the Jacoby 2 NT, splinter bids and Roman Key Card Blackwood. Sometimes they all crop up on the same deal, such as this delightful offering from a duplicate at my Club…

Conventions: Multi-Purpose Response of 2♣ to 1♥ o 1♠

By Paul Lavings • 6 July, 2016

Paul Lavings 2013 APBF Championships

More and more top partnerships are playing a response of 2 clubs to 1H or 1S as multi-purpose. The three different meanings are:

Defense to the Opponent’s Jacoby 2NT by Roy Wilson

By Ana Roth • 7 April, 2016

Roy Wilson

Source: Defense to the Opponent’s Jacoby 2NT by Roy Wilson    
When your opponents use a Jacoby 2NT bid in response to a major suit opening, …

Taming the Weak Notrump, Part 2 By Steve Weinstein and Adam Kaplan

By Ana Roth • 3 April, 2016

weinstein + madala

In Part 1, we covered what to do after they opened a weak notrump, partner doubled for penalty, and 3rd hand passed or redoubled. We now discuss our structure after 3rd hand makes a bid.

Taming the Weak Notrump, Part 1 By Steve Weinstein and Adam Kaplan

By Ana Roth • 1 April, 2016

Steve Weinstein

The weak NT is a powerful convention that is difficult to play against. Weak NTs can wreak havoc on even the most experienced partnerships.