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IBPA: News & Views May 2014

By John Carruthers • 17 May, 2014

International Bridge Press Association

2015 World Championships, German Bridge Federation Takes Action, Early Cavendish Details, A Plan for a New European Bridge League, Pro-Bridge Launched

IBPA Editorial: April 2014

By John Carruthers • 10 April, 2014


Early this year, I learned that Michael Elinescu and Entscho Wladow had been accused of illegal signalling in the final against USA2 and…

IBPA Editorial: March 2014

By John Carruthers • 10 March, 2014

John Carruthers

Until 2006, the European Team Championships was conducted as a complete round robin amongst the participants..

IBPA Editorial: February 2014

By John Carruthers • 10 February, 2014

John Carruthers

There has never been a more-respected and influential person in North American bridge than Edgar Kaplan.

IBPA Editorial: January 2014

By John Carruthers • 10 January, 2014

John Carruthers

The debate over the new WBF Victory Point scale rages on.

IBPA: News & Views

By John Carruthers • 3 January, 2014

John Carruthers

The WBF has announced that several future World Championship venues have been determined…

IBPA Editorial: December 2013

By John Carruthers • 11 December, 2013

John Carruthers

The World Bridge Federation announced an exciting prospect in Bali:

The Great Victory Point Debate

By John Carruthers • 10 November, 2013

John Carruthers

It’s fair to say that I’ve received more correspondence (both in terms of frequency and volume!) on this issue than on any other since I began as editor.

IBPA Editorial: October 2013

By John Carruthers • 5 November, 2013

John Carruthers

The WBF continues to improve its tournament conditions of contest. One such laudable change, implemented in Bali, was to allow the fourth-placed team among

IBPA Editorial: September 2013

By John Carruthers • 3 September, 2013

John Carruthers

There has been a lot of hysteria over the Israeli teams bound (or not) for Bali and even more over the ongoing efforts of Migry Zur-Campanile, who holds an Israeli passport but has been added to the USA2 squad for the Venice Cup, to obtain a visa to travel to Indonesia.