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Hand evaluation – part 7 By August Boehm

By August Boehm • 10 February, 2017

Splinter bids, which send a clear distributional message, present a great opportunity to fine-tune your hand evaluation skills.

Hand evaluation – part 4 By August Boehm

By August Boehm • 28 January, 2017

'Everybody panned us on their consumer evaluation forms except the masochists.'

As this series of articles is intended to demonstrate, there is a lot more to hand evaluation than simply counting your points.

Be Cautious With Misfit

By Ana Roth • 7 November, 2016

evaluacion de la mano

Look only at the North hand. What would you respond if partner opens one spade?

A Misfit? Quit! …A Fit? It’s a Hit

By Ana Roth • 14 October, 2016

Bridge 25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer  By Barbara Seagram, David Bird

Less experienced players sometimes pick up their hand, count their points, find they have 13 points and no matter what happens during the entire auction, they continue to have 13 points.

Count covers, not high-card points

By Ana Roth • 11 April, 2016

evaluacion de la mano

Sitting north in a team game, your partner opens 1 diamond and, after a pass by west, you trot out 1 spade. East passes and…

Hand Evaluation: Zar Points By Zar Petkov

By Zar Petkov • 9 April, 2016

Zar Petkov

Ever wondered how experts bid “aggressive” games that “somehow,“magically” turn out to be cold?

Breaking the 26 Points Barrier

By Ana Roth • 17 February, 2016

bridge cartoon 26 puntos

THE importance of hand evaluation in bridge is often not taken into consideration by bridge players.

Again Mr. Pigeon Overlooks Ability of Sisters

By Ana Roth • 18 January, 2016

cartoon paloma mensajera

Mr. Pigeon was at his genial best as he sat down in the east position at the table of those two ladies from Samoset — Miss Clementine and her twin sister, Esmerelda.

Why Does Counting Points Not Work Sometimes? by Julian Pottage

By Julian Pottage • 24 November, 2015

julian Pottage libro

Assessing a hand by counting four points for an ace, three for a king, two for a queen and one for a jack should be the start of how you look at it rather than the end.

Integrate the fit Into evaluation By Phillip Alder

By Phillip Alder • 31 August, 2015


If we have a big trump fit, we should overbid — fits are fantastic. But if we misfit…