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Hand evaluation – part 6 By August Boehm

By August Boehm • 5 February, 2017

Cartoon mistakes 1

When re-evaluating, don’t worry about finding a formula to provide an exact point count measurement. If there were such a formula, only an Einstein could use it. Instead….

Hand evaluation – part 3 By August Boehm

By August Boehm • 20 January, 2017

evaluation cartoon

To properly evaluate this pair of hands, it was essential to visualize the play in detail in 3NT. There is so much more to hand evaluation than counting points.

How Much is Your Six-Card Suit Worth by Zar Petkov

By Zar Petkov • 10 April, 2016

evaluacion de la mano

Let’s look at this rather average collection featuring a five-card major:

Hand Evaluation By Gordon Bower

By Gordon Bower • 29 February, 2016

Gordon Bower

Many people have trouble deciding when to raise after partner preempts.

Correctly Evaluating Your hand by Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 29 December, 2015

pocket posh tips for bridge players bergen

Honors in short suits are worth less than their assigned value and should be downgraded.

Burn’s Laws by Brent Manley

By Ana Roth • 29 November, 2015

David Burn with Ferlema

The 2015 Fall NABC is being played in Denver, this is an article published in the Bulletin …

Culbertson’s Rule of Hand Evaluation by Jeff Lehman

By Ana Roth • 25 April, 2015

The Culbertsons

Many HE methods pale in comparison to Culbertson’s Rule, which I had read many, many years ago in Jeff Rubens’ great book The Secrets of Winning Bridge.

Evaluate this Hand with Me by Gordon Bower

By Gordon Bower • 29 March, 2015

Gordon Bower

Good hand evaluation goes a long way past counting one’s points at the start of each deal. As the auction develops, you have to…

Ask Jerry: Hand Evaluation

By Jerry Helms • 14 November, 2013


Let’s start with some history about valuing distribution. In the 1940’s, Charles Goren, while promoting…

Spot Cards and Hand Evaluation – Part 5

By Mike Lawrence • 21 August, 2013

Mike Lawrence

Spot cards often have a role in the play that is not obvious during the bidding.