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Tromso 2015: Poor-Makeable Games?…Rich Swings

By Ana Roth • 15 July, 2015

Danny Molennar

These are two boards on which game was declared, each of you decide if they seem worthy, but they are cold.

Tromso 2015: The Inaugural Board

By Ana Roth • 9 July, 2015

T 2015 1

The only lead that defeats the slam is a club: declarer has to play the…

Tromso 2015: 11th Day

By Ana Roth • 8 July, 2015

T 2015  Ganadores Equipos Open 1

Today ended the European Open Teams Championship, the 2015 Champion is Team Orange White.

A Slam, Monaco Style by Arianna Testa and Fernando Lema

By Ana Roth • 7 July, 2015

Pierre Zimmermann

7th European Open Championships
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Today in the sixth round of the European Open Teams Championships, Monaco team …

Many Masters…Many Options by Fernando Lema

By ferlema • 6 July, 2015


After a long thought and with your answer… watch a video with some Grand Master answers and explanations: Jeff Meckstroth, Alan Sontag, Lotan Fisher, Fulvio Fantoni among others:

Tromso 2015: The Journey

By Ana Roth • 5 July, 2015

Patricia Cayne y Dano de Falco

A year ago an Israeli partnership: Inon Liran y Udi Friedlanderar were the winners of the Open Pairs at the world championships in China Sanya 2014 and some months later we…

Tromso 2015: Sixth Day

By Ana Roth • 4 July, 2015

T 2015 Sem Tokay y fernando

Yesterday was a rainy and cold day, so if you see the photos observe that all are well sheltered. Photo: Cem Tokay with Fernandou…

Tromso 2015: 7th Day

By EBL • 4 July, 2015

T 2015 Cronier Willard

France’s Philippe Cronier & Sylvie Willard wake up today as the new European Open Mixed Pairs Champions.

Tromso 2015: A Matter of Tempo and Who Knows Goes

By Ana Roth • 4 July, 2015

T 2015 Patchman con Migry

Two boards from the Mixed Pairs European Championship

Tromso 2015: W. House – A J Diamond x 2

By Ana Roth • 2 July, 2015

European Mixed teams Champions

It was not the first time that the two teams faced each other, as they met in the Round 9 of the Round Robin.