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Two Different Grands in the Same Board

By EBL • 7 December, 2014


Thomas Bessis and Philippe Cronier explains us a hand from the Champions Cup

2014 Tasa San Pablo Final: 1st Stage

By Ana Roth • 29 November, 2014

Ernesto d'Orsi

d’Orsi team finished the first stage of the final with a lead of 80 IMPs …only 32 boards to THE END…

13th European Champion’s Cup : A Brilliant Deceptive Movement

By Ana Roth • 19 November, 2014

Madala champions Cup

In both the natural and the sporting world, the movement of the body (and the mind) is used to deceive.

The Young Klukowski

By Ana Roth • 31 October, 2014


These are some boards Michal the youngest Open teams World Champion played in Sanya.

Sanya 2014: K. Jassem tells a Hand

By Ana Roth • 30 October, 2014

K Jassem

Watch the video where Jassem tells us how did he lived the board at the table:

Sanya 2014: A Silver Medal Hand in the Final A

By Ana Roth • 17 October, 2014

picasion 11

A nice defense developed by PSZCZOLA Jacek (U.S.A.) and WORTEL Meike (Netherlands) the silver plate winners.

Sanya 2014: A Round 32 Complicated Board

By Ana Roth • 13 October, 2014


At the World Mixed Teams Championship Round of 32, there were several hands that generated complications to the players, this is one of them…Photo: Willenken-Berkowitz

Sanya 2014: David Bird comments a Board

By Ana Roth • 12 October, 2014


Over a thousand of kibitzers who witnessed the match in BBO had the pleasure of reading the comments of one of the current best bridge authors, Mr David Bird, famous for his books in which scatters bridge humor and endless lessons.

2014 Premier League Inglesa: Allfrey vs Mossop

By Ana Roth • 27 September, 2014


How could it be that Mossop was not able to add a single IMP? Photo: Forrester-Gold

Crime and Punishment in the 2014 Prince Takamatsu Memorial Cup

By Ana Roth • 21 September, 2014

Prince Takamatsu Memorial

Board 20 generated the first two digits swing of the match, when in one of the tables E/W were one down in 3NT while the same contract with the same declarer produced 9 tricks in the other table…