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New Generations, New Ideas

By Ana Roth • 8 January, 2014


"We need to think differently!" "bridge needs some fresh ideas!" "We have got to be more creative around here!". Foto: Wang Team USA2 U26

A Beijing EndPlay by Ana Roth

By Ana Roth • 13 December, 2013

Claudio Nunes

2013 World Mind Games: The match’s second board was the first two digits swing. Both teams reached the same contract and Nunes from Monaco was able to reveal his spectacular skills in the play of the card.

2013 NABC Phoenix: Juniors at the Reisinger

By Ana Roth • 12 December, 2013

Johan Saefsten, 18, Ola Rimstedt, 18, Mikael Groenkvist, 20, 
& Daniel Gullberg, 22,
6th in the Reisinger BAM, 8th Mitchell Open BAM

Finally the young team from Sweden ended 6th in the Reisinger BAM and 8th Mitchell Open BAM an enviable performance: Johan Safsten, Ida Gronkvist, Daniel Gullberg, Mikael Gronkvist, Ola Rimstedt.

When Precision and Delicacy are Required by Ana Roth

By Ana Roth • 10 December, 2013

Agustin Madala en Bali 2013

We call Agustin Madala to ask him what could he add to this last hand and this is what he told us…

Crime and Punishment in the 2013 Portugal Open Teams

By Ana Roth • 24 November, 2013

Equipo Lara 2013

In the final Team Maria Joao Manuel Lara faced Oliveira Team. The last set begun 57-42, a small advantage for Oliveira. Photo Team M.Joao Lara

When a lead is worth 1000 words …

By Ana Roth • 21 November, 2013

Agustin Madala en Bali 2013

Agustin Madala tells us why he chose the only lead…to defeat the slam …

Bending the Spoon…in the European Champions Cup 2013

By Ana Roth • 17 November, 2013


Dont try to bend the spoon…bend the space…

Crime and Punishment in the 2013 European Champions Cup

By Ana Roth • 17 November, 2013

K1 (Bulgaria) - Silver Medal

Allegra from Italy is the owner of the 2013 European Champions Cup. Photo: K1 (Bulgaria) – Silver Medal

Have you ever Squezze a Finesse? by Ana Roth

By Ana Roth • 11 October, 2013


While in the US…in the 50’s …fashion was “squeezing a finesse” … in 2010 during the World Bridge Series…the dilemma was … the Squezze or the Finesse …

Bali 2013: The Intrafinesse a Pending Topic

By Ana Roth • 1 October, 2013

Bobby Levin

The Intrafinesse is a play technique that appears much more often that what many bridge advanced players believe.