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The Simplest Gifts Are Often The Best by Eric Kokish

By Eric Kokish • 3 March, 2014

Gordie Zind, Eric Kokish, David Sabourin

Bridge experts pride themselves on their mastery of the endgame…Foto: Gordie Zind, Eric Kokish, David Sabourin

Bols Bridge Tip by Giorgio Belladonna Part 1

By ferlema • 27 December, 2013


“Whenever you, as a defender, include the Ace of trump among your assets, you should consider whether to hold up this card when trumps are first played”. Foto: Morella Pacheco and Belloadonna.

Bols Bridge Tip by Per-Olov Sundelin Part 2

By ferlema • 26 December, 2013

P.O. Sundelin

If you can’t see yourself defeating the contract by winning the trick, DUCK IT even at the cost of a trick. By deceiving the declarer you may still cause his house of cards to collapse.

Bols Bridge Tip by Per-Olov Sundelin Part I

By ferlema • 20 December, 2013

P.O. Sundelin

You are all familiar with the situation where you sit over dummy’s K-Q-10 with A-x-x. When declarer leads up to the king, you play…

Leading Low from a Doubleton Honor by Rixi Marcus

By Ana Roth • 15 October, 2013

Rixi Markus

When, as a defender, you are about to attack from a holding such as J-x, Q-x or K-x, consider the possible advantage of leading a low card.

BOLS Bridge Tip: Fear the Worst

By Terence Reese • 10 October, 2012

Terence Reese

When opponents bid unexpectedly high, ask yourself if your hand contains any nasty surprises. Photo: Marcelo Lerner, Terence Reese, Eduardo Berisso y Boris Schapiro en el Campeonato Mundial de Bridge, Buenos Aires 1965