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The Unblocking Rule by Andrew Robson

By Ana Roth • 8 December, 2013

Andrew Robson

An article for beguinners:Making tricks is a combination of cashing the ones you started with (the “top tricks”); and promoting others. Mostly, you do not have enough top tricks for your contract, so…

Is that a forcing bid? By Lynn Berg

By Lynn Berg • 14 July, 2012


One of the biggest problems in many bidding sequences is trying to decide if a bid is forcing, or to figure out…

How to improve your game

By Bruce Greenspan • 3 July, 2012

Bruce Greenspan

Bridge is an experiential game –the more experience, the better. Experience comes…

Beginners Guide to Signaling and Giving Count 5

By Ben Dickens • 16 May, 2012


Here are some more signals for the first lead, or at least related to the first trick.

Beginners Guide to Signaling and Giving Count 1

By Ben Dickens • 12 May, 2012


Source: BBO News
Giving your partner legal signals by the cards you play is an important part of the defense. Remember, bridge is a partnership …

Limit Raises

By Pat Harrington • 30 April, 2012


You open ♥, 1 what does a 3♥ response show in your system?