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Zagreb Rijeka 2016

By Ana Roth • 4 March, 2016

Zagreb 2016 2

Bridge is traditionally well represented and covered by the media at the EUSA championships.

2013 Monaco Cavendish: The Pairs Auction

By Ana Roth • 22 October, 2013

Fantoni - Nunes

The total raised from the auction was 878,000 Euros. The best price was paid for Fantoni-Nunes: 57.000 €, and the best price among the ladies went to d’Ovidio – Eythorsdottir: 7.000 €. Photo: Fantoni-Nunes

2013 Monaco Cavendish: The Teams Final

By Ana Roth • 22 October, 2013

Monaco Cavendish: Kamras team

Kamras won the final to Ireland. Kamras: UPMARK Johann, MICHIELSEN Marion, NYSTROM Fredrik, KAMRAS Jan, WRANG Frederic

2013 Monaco Cavendish: The Teams Tournament

By Ana Roth • 22 October, 2013

Equipo Monaco

October 22: At the end of the qualifying stage Kamras team defeated Ireland team in the final. Kamras is the New Champion: Marion Michelsen, Johann Upmark, Frederik Nystrom, Jan Kamras and Frederic Wrang.

Monaco welcomes The Cavendish 2013 by Jean-Charles Allavena

By Ana Roth • 20 August, 2013

Monaco Cavendish 2013

The Cavendish Invitational is centered on the prestigious Cavendish Invitational Pairs event, the world’s largest money bridge tournament.

2013 Cavendish Ladies Category.

By Ana Roth • 30 July, 2013

Jean-Charles Allavena

July 29th 2013:
Last year, the prestigious Cavendish Invitational was played for the first time in Monaco. The cavendish moved from Las Vegas because of …

Cavendish stays in Monaco for 2013

By Ana Roth • 29 November, 2012

Jean-Charles Allavena

The tournament is back in Monaco for 2013, Oct. 21-25. Jean-Charles Allavena, president of the Monaco Bridge Federation, discusses the decision.