Bridge y Humor: Luna de Miel

By Ana Roth
On 25 enero, 2016 At 18:18

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The Pittsburgh Press – 13 May 1978

Another characteristic of confirmed bridge players is their peculiar list of priorities. The game leads the list, and a discussion thereof.

One couple who found romance, as well as a good-mixed pair partner in each other, married and decided to honeymoon at a Washington, DC., regional.

EACH DAY the honeymooners played 52 separate deals, then waited until 1 a.m. for scores, and, at length, began to discuss the hands of the day in the privacy of their bedroom. After three days of this schedule the bride slipped into her most seductive lace nightgown and said to her love,

«Honey, we’ve been up till 4 a.m. every night talking bridge, We just can’t go over all these hands again tonight and still make love, too.»

The young man looked at his lovely bride, down at the private score in his hand, then at his bride, once more at the score, and said,

«Now on board 1

A man inserted an ad in the classifieds: ‘Bridge partner wanted.’ He received over a hundred letters. They all said the same thing. ‘You can have mine.’ Courtesy of

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