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COMPLETE ABSORPTION in the game is another characteristic of bridge players.

By Ana Roth
On 21 January, 2016 At 10:28

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The Pittsburgh Press – 13 May 1978

Each player worth his salt thinks he knows better how to play a given hand than any expert alive.

At a recent tournament, Ed Brown, Life Master from Detroit, was giving advice freely to the opposition at end of each hand. Later, someone approached him privately and said, “Did you know you were giving advice to the great Oswald Jacoby?”

Back came the answer, “Did he know he was getting it from me?”

The late Helen Sobel Smith, Charles Goren’s favorite partner was once asked by a kibitzer, “How does it feel to play bridge with an expert?”

“I don’t know, replied the petite red-headed ex-Follies girl. Ask him.”

COMPLETE ABSORPTION in the game is another characteristic of bridge players.bridge cartoon desnudos

One couple attending a duplicate club for the first time approached a table where two women were discussing the previous hand.

“Excuse me,” said the man. “I’m Bob Nelson and this is my wife, Nancy.”

No reply came as the women continued to discuss the merits of taking or not taking a finesse.

“Pardon me,” be tried again. “We are Mr. and Mrs. Nelson.’

Still no reaction. For the third time he said,

“I’m Bob Nelson. May I present my wife, Nancy.”

Finally one woman looked up, shot him a baleful glance and said abruptly,

“I’m North, she’s South. Take your hands out of the rack. We’re running late.

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