BBO Skill: Check your skill and rating on BBO

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BBO Skill is a System that collects and stores your BBO data.

By Ana Roth
On 23 January, 2016 At 10:04

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BBO Skill

It is obvious that your BBO play level not only depends on you but also on your partners. But it is still fun to know what your or your partners overall performance in BBO is. Now you can check your BBO level / Perfomance and your BBO rating in BBO Skill, not an official part of BBO.

BBO Skill is a System that collects and stores your BBO data. BBO Skill‘s database, stores every hand you play, making their database bigger and more accurate. Every next request you make (or system makes for you) is added to previous score, making your average score more precise. Requests are executed very fast making the whole system safer and the results very reliable. You can check your score several times a day and your result will vary.

You only have to enter your Nick in BBO:

BBO Skill

and in seconds you will receive:

BBO Skill info

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