Bali 2013: What Happened on September 17th

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All the last results and a link to the on-line results for tomorrow. Rona re-elected and more…

By Ana Roth
On 17 September, 2013 At 11:12

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On-Line Results: OpenWomenSeniors

All Results

At the end of the first day, after three rounds, these are the first 8 positions en each championship:

Open Final Rankings
Rank Team VPs
2 CANADA 44.44
4 ITALY 42.55
5 MONACO 40.72
6 JAPAN 34.96
7 CHINA 33.65
8 USA1 33.10
Ladies Final Rankings
Rank Team VPs
1 USA2 48.10
4 FRANCE 42.15
5 POLAND 40.47
7 USA1 36.55
8 ENGLAND 35.82
Senior Final Rankings
Rank Team VPs
1 CANADA 52.36
3 BELGIUM 48.82
4 CHINA H.KONG 42.55
6 POLAND 37.01
7 FRANCE 35.67
8 SCOTLAND 34.80

Source: WBF Bulletins

 Leading teams in the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and D’Orsi Seniors Trophy put up some impressive numbers on Tuesday, the first day of play in the qualifying phases of these events. The top eight teams in each of the three championships will advance to their respective quarterfinals, starting on Tuesday of next week.

With lots of play left, teams from Argentina, USA and Canada were showing off their power with impressive scores. After three qualifying rounds, Argentina was ahead in the Bermuda Bowl qualifying with 46.2 victory points, 77% of the available 60 VPs.

USA2 in the Venice Cup was even better, leading with 48.1 – an 80% score. Not to be outdone, the Canadian senior team
recorded 52.36 – a stunning 87%.

Among the teams in need of a spark are USA2 in the Bermuda Bowl. After three rounds, they were 21st, next to last in the
fi eld and a long way out of qualifying.

Gianarrigo Rona

Gianarrigo Rona

Rona re-elected as WBF chief

Gianarrigo Rona, who took over as World Bridge Federation president at the end of 2010,  was re-elected to a second four-year term on Tuesday. The election took place at the first meeting of the WBF Executive Council in Bali. Rona’s current term expires at the end of the World Bridge Series in 2014, so Tuesday’s election means he will be president through the end of 2018.
Since taking over as president, Rona has emphasized youth bridge and pushed for more bridge education in schools all over the world. Th e former president of the European Bridge League has been involved with bridge administration for more than 30 years. He and his wife, Cippi, live in Milano, Italy. The president expressed pleasure at his re-election and said that he looks forward to serving bridge for the next five years.

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