Bali 2013: September 26th…The Semifinals, The 27/9 VG Schedule and more

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See the last results, the VG and Matchs program. Today’s start times, Friday September 27, are 1 hour earlier. Photo: Italy-Poland

By Ana Roth
On 26 September, 2013 At 11:24

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Bali 2013 SF 8
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Tuesday September 26 2013, Bali

On-Line Results: OpenWomenSeniors Results

WBF Bulletins

As expected, most of the semi-final matches in the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d’Orsi Seniors Trophy are relatively close, but two are very tight and one is threatening to get out of hand with 48 boards to play today in each of the events.
In the Seniors, Germany leads defending champion France by just 6 IMPs, and in the Venice Cup, USA2 has a lead of
just 12 IMPs against the Netherlands. It’s a different matter in the Poland/Italy match. After clobbering the defenders (Netherlands) in the quarter-final round, Poland ran into a hot Italian team and scored just 48 IMPs in the three sets from Thursday against 151 by Italy. Margins vary in the other matches, but there is still time for those in arrears to make up ground. USA1 in the Bermuda Bowl will have to make up 49 IMPs. In the Venice Cup China is behind by 37, and Poland has 51 to make up against USA2 in the Seniors. In the World Transnational Open Teams, Yeh Mix had such a huge lead going into the 15th and final round of the qualifying Swiss that they were given a bye – and still fi nished more than a match ahead of second-place Fleisher. Yeh Mix finished with 218.83 victory points to 193.66 for Fleisher.

 Semifinals Results after 3 of 6 sets

Videos SF and Transnational




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