Bali 2013: September 24th…The QF/ WTT/ 25/9 VG Schedule and more

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QF 1st day Results and Teams TransNational Results.

By Ana Roth
On 24 September, 2013 At 11:15

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Tuesday September 24 2013, Bali

On-Line Results: OpenWomenSeniors Results

WBF Bulletins

Two years ago in the Netherlands, France took gold in the Venice Cup and d’Orsi Seniors Trophy while the host nation’s
team claimed gold in the Bermuda Bowl. All three are back in the quarter-finals of their respective events – and two of the three trail with 48 boards to play. Only the French Seniors are ahead. They have a 125-47 lead against their Dutch opponents. In the Bermuda Bowl, the Netherlands, fielding the same lineup as in Veldhoven, have some catching up to do against Poland, who jumped ahead early and lead 153-68.3 at the halfway point. The French women’s team returned with five of the six members from 2011 and are also behind, but need only 22 victory points to draw even with , their opponents. In the World Transnational Open Teams, the leaders are a called Sydney, owners of 67.52 victory points from the five 10-board matches. Right behind them are PD Times with 61.56 VPs.

September 25 VG: Only the first set is defined.

QF Results after the first 3 of 6 sets played

Bermuda Bowl

Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6
Canada 71,7   Italy 157   England 119,3   Poland 153
USA1 99   China 102,3   Monaco 156   Netherlands 68,3

Venice Cup

Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6
Netherlands 119   England 139   Poland 60   France 96
Turkey 61   USA 1
55   USA 2
104   China 118

d’Orsi Senior Bowl

Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6   Country Sets 3/6
Netherlands 47   USA 2 190   Indonesia 110   Poland 132
France 125   Scotland 97   Germany
59   Belgium 91

The TransNational

99 teams are playing the Worl Teams TransNational Championship. After the first 5 of 10 Rounds, the first 8 positions are:

TransNational Final Rankings
Rank Team VPs
1 SYDNEY 81.80
3 NADAR 76.10
5 YEH MIX 75.18
8 SAIC VW 68.83

All the Transnational Results after 5 Rounds Click Here Roster of Transnational player names: Click Here

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