Bali 2013: Match Brazil – Australia

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This September Brazil defeated Australia, 6-0, in a soccer match. Today Brazil stayed with the bridge victory, but this time was almost a push…Photo: Bathurst (USA1)-Villas-Boas-Campos

By Ana Roth
On 18 September, 2013 At 1:29

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Bathurst-Villas Boas y Campos
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On Line Results: Open – Women – Seniors


Wednesday September 2013

September 08, 2013 7:05AM:  BRAZIL made good their pledge to treat their Independence Day friendly against Australia like a World Cup match, trouncing the outclassed Socceroos 6-0 at the Mane Garrincha stadium on Sunday

Today in Bali the first round of the day confronted Brazil with Australia again, but today the athletes used cards instead of a ball. 

Brazil was: Campos-Villas Boas (E/O)  Chagas- Brum (N/S)


Board 17

Although the first board was a push, the bidding seemed to indicate a more aggressive approach from Australia.

Paul Lavings (AUS) opened his hand with a 1 bid and ended as a 3 declarer, two down. At the other table Chagas (BRA) also played 3 two down, but he opened the hand with a 2 weak bid.

Board 18

 In one of the rooms Brazil arrived to a 4 contract. After East’s weak 2 opening bid, Chagas reopened the bidding with a double, as N/S couldnt arrive to 3NT because of no heart stopper, they decided to stop before game. They scored +130.

At the other table, Australia again displayed an aggressive tactic. Villas Boas also opened 2 weak, but here South doubled, West raised to the third level and Lavings closed the spade game. Campos penalized. The declarer was two down…12 costly IMPs.

 It make me remember the Argentina-USA2 match where the first IMPs for Argentina were due to super-aggressive USA2 moves.

Board 21

After a weak 1NT opening bid by East, Chagas instead of defending 4 chose to play 4 …opps penalized him. The declarer went one down = -200. In the other table Brazil also arrived to a 4 contract but this time Australia chose to defend. The declarer was two down and Australia (collecting in both tables) recovered 7 IMPs.

As an irony of fate in the next Board Australia, went down on both tables and thus Brazil recovered 5 IMPs.

Board 23

Another Australian aggressive opening bid. Bilski opened 1 and finished playing 2NT two down.

 In the other table West passed the hand and Brazil ended playing 2, done 3 = +140, 8 IMPs for Brazil.

 From board 24 to 31 Australia recovered 8 IMPs.

 Board 32

 The hand again showed different bridge criterias. Bilski opened his hand with a 2 call and his partner chose to defend with 4, when Brazil reached the 4 contract. The 4 hearts are cold but the vulnerability made the sacrifice an expensive one…-500

In the other room Campos didnt open the board and Brazil let Australia play his 4. The australian players made their 10 tricks, but at a 2 IMPs cost. The match ended with the Brazilean victory by only 12 IMPs.

Brazil stayed with the bridge victory, but this time was almost a push…

Below a documentary that shows how much the Australian youth knows Brazil as a country.

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