Bali 2013: Italy-Monaco: Final 4th Set

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Monaco improved a little its performance but Italy isnt easy. Now the match is Italy 134 Monaco 81. USA1 and Poland are almost even in the BB playoffs.

By Ana Roth
On 29 September, 2013 At 2:39

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Bali 2013: Italia - Monaco
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Sunday September 29 2013, Bali

On-Line Results: OpenWomenSeniors Results

WBF Bulletins

2013 Bermuda Bowl Final: Italy – Monaco 1st Set

Italy: Madala-Bocchi y Versace- Lauria

Monaco: Helness-Helgemo y Fantoni- Nunes

  In the first 9 boards of the set Monaco added 24 IMPs. In board 10, Italy for the first time in the set scored a positive swing of 9 IMPs for playing a 1NT contract instead of the 3NT one down played by HH (Helgemo-Helness).

 Board 27 was a missed opportunity for both sides. Double dummy, is easy see that N/S has 6, but no 6NT.

 Madala showed a one colour minimum hand, with extra length in clubs. Bocchi chose to play 6NT, one down.

  At the other table the bidding was:

Nunes opened with 2 = 13 (good 9) 5+ no balanced. Fantoni after realizing that they didnt have a spade fit, also chose to play a NT slam, one down. 

USA1 is playing the BB play offs with Poland (this set USA 1 scored 34 IMPs more than Poland and now they are less than 5 IMPs away) was the only team in the three championships that brought home 6.

Board 28 was a new opportunity for Monaco. Helgemo opened 1 and Helness showed his spades, Madala interrupted with a 2 call but H-H managed to declare a spade game. 

Madala lead his A and switched to the 8.

Declarer played a little one from dummy and Bocchi’s K won the trick, the club return was taken with dummy’s A. A spade to the A and more spade, the Q appears, K. Helness finished drawing trumps, played the Q and let run the 9 to North’s Q. Declarer ruffed the club return, lose a diamond and claim his contract.

 At the other table, Fantunes played 3 one down…8 IMPs for Monaco.

In the next three boards Italy found 11 IMPs more but Monaco in the very last board of the match managed to add 2 IMps to his total. The set finished 34 to 20…for Monaco…the match was:  Italy 134 Monaco 81.

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