Avoiding a Blind Spot

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How would you handle this problem?

By Mike Lawrence
On 4 April, 2013 At 13:57

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Mike Lawrence
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K Q J 10
8 7 5 3 2
9 6
J 5

A 8 5 2
K 8
A K 9 7 4 3


None Vulnerable South dealer

West  North   East  South
Pass 1  Pass 1
Pass  2  Pass 4 
Pass Pass Pass  

Lead K

South ends up playing in four spades after a straightforward sequence. West leads the king of hearts, won by South’s ace.

Declarer played the ace of clubs and went to dummy’s king of spades in order to lead another club. When East followed, declarer took his king of clubs and ruffed a club in dummy with the queen, setting up the club suit. South drew another round of trumps discovering that West started with four to the nine.. This was awkward because it meant South couldn’t draw trumps and run clubs.

How would you handle this problem?

South ‘solved’ the problem by drawing one more trump and leading a diamond to his king. If it won, he would be able to draw the final trump and take three more club tricks. West had the ace of diamonds, though, and the hand fell apart. When it was over, four spades was down two. Declarer may claim he was unlucky, which is true, but he was also careless.

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