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Convention: The 1345 Gadget

By • 29 July, 2014


Suppose that you are playing a 15-17 1NT and Partner opens 1NT. You hold any one of the following hands:

Lead Direction

By • 6 June, 2014


Finding the right opening lead is a hit-and-miss affair, so we must not …

Conventions: Good-Bad 2NT

By • 10 January, 2014


Let’s prefix this article with a warning. Please, no reason to read this unless you and your Partner are fully familiar with the Lebensohl convention.

Dummy Reversal

By • 29 December, 2013


Most commonly, in a trump contract, we accumulate extra tricks by getting a ruff or two in the short hand. However, we “reverse the dummy” when …

Conventions: Minor Suit Blackwood

By • 6 November, 2013

Minor Suit Blackwood

Roman Keycard Blackwood is a powerful tool, if used properly, but its value diminishes sharply when you have agreed a minor suit and are obliged to use 4NT as your RKCB asking bid.

Conventions: Two-Way Checkback

By • 27 October, 2013

Two-Way Checkback

Most are familiar with New Minor Forcing (NMF) as in this auction:

Conventions: Gambling 3NT

By • 3 September, 2013


The “standard” use for a 3NT opening bid is balanced with 25-27 HCP’s, but that’s a hand that can equally well be described via a 2 clubs opening. For this reason, a common use of an opening 3NT is the so-called “Gambling 3NT”, showing a solid minor suit and not much else.

Excercises: Two Club Openings

By • 28 August, 2013


These hands cover various aspects of Two Club auctions: When to open 2 clubs, When to …

Choice of Opening Bid

By • 25 August, 2013

Brian Gunnell 1

Here we consider an assortment of opening bid decisions. Open or preempt? 1NT or one of a suit? Which suit to open? Photo: Brian Gunnell

Opening with 4-5 in the Minors

By • 3 August, 2013

apertura 45 menores

These hands address the problem that occurs when we have opening values with 4 Diamonds and 5 Clubs. With a good hand (say 17+) we can open …