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A Quadruple Trump Grand Coup

By The Bridge World • 8 February, 2015

The Bridge World Old

This deal was published as a double-dummy problem in The Bridge World Magazine in 1930s to illustrate what was then called a quadruple trump grand coup.

The Bridge World: Press Release

By The Bridge World • 29 September, 2014

Big Deal

Interactions with one’s partner can be as important as individual actions, and evaluating your opponents can pay big dividends, as Boehm showed on this deal…

The Bridge World Press Release

By The Bridge World • 15 October, 2013

The Secrets of Winning Bridge

A book that consistently appears on bridge players’ top-ten lists is Jeff Rubens’ The Secrets of Winning Bridge, which…

The Bridge World Press Release June 2012

By The Bridge World • 5 June, 2012

It's All in the game

Bob Ewen and Jeff Rubens, new book: It’s All In The Game: The Fun Side Of Winning Bridge