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50th Montegrotto Bridge Festival 2014

By Simon Fellus • 2 April, 2014

Breno Team

Victory was for the team Breno just for 0.6 V.P. Congratulations to the winners : Romain Zaleski , Maurizio Pattacini , Massimo Lanzarotti and Andrea Manno

Italy: Free Course of Bridge for Under 35

By Simon Fellus • 2 April, 2014

cursos_jovenes (1)

Final applause for the winners Santolamazza-Berardi followed by Darui-Quaresma and Cornali-Comitangelo in NS, and Rogani-Laurendi followed by Augello B.-Augello D. and Cantarella-Castellacci in EW.

A Brilliant Initiative by Simon Fellus

By Simon Fellus • 11 March, 2014

Biondo, Fellus, mariani, Giannini, Fochi, Pelino, Salvemini, Tanzi, Cecere

Special thanks to Barbara Dato and Maura Teiner, and to the Lazio Regional Committee and its staff who worked at no cost and brilliantly.

7th EBL NBO Officers’ Seminar

By Simon Fellus • 6 February, 2014

EBL 7mo Seminario

The sessions covered various topics as Championship Format, Competition, Tournament Director,….

Italy: The Savelli Tournament by Simon Fellus

By Simon Fellus • 20 January, 2014

SPASSO FOOD: Intonti, Gullotta, Sabbatini, Fellus, Fellus, Saccavini

The 7th edition of the Federale Open Tournament – Rome Challenge just finished with the SPASSO FOOD team: Intonti, Gullotta, Saccavini, Fellus, Fellus and Sabbatini victory. Foto: SPASSO FOOD team