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Sjoert Brink and Bas Drijver…not in Croatia…

By Neapolitan Club • 27 February, 2014


The two Dutch Stars will be engaged in the Chinese league which takes place at the same time with the European Open Championship.

The Cardinal Virtues according to Norberto Bocchi: Prudence (interview)

By Neapolitan Club • 15 March, 2013

Bocchi jugando Golf

We have got Norberto Bocchi coming from the victory in Montegrotto International Team (with M.T. Lavazza, Ferraro, Duboin, Sementa), and just before leaving for …

My Way – Norberto Bocchi Interviews Fredrik Nystrom

By Neapolitan Club • 20 December, 2012


Even though Fredrik is quite young, it did not take him long to become a popular world class player. Certainly Sweden’s success in Lille’s World Championships

2012 Eilat Champions Cup – Helness and Bocchi’s way to preempt

By Neapolitan Club • 17 November, 2012

Enrico Garrisi

In the match Monaco-Lavazza, semi-final of 2012 Champion Cup, Norberto Bocchi had these cards:

My way – Norberto Bocchi’s Column (no. 8): Why this warning for Giorgino?

By Neapolitan Club • 13 November, 2012

"Norberto Bocchi"

The Cavendish Invitational – How would we mark this tournament as an end of term school report?
Location: Monaco. Monte Carlo is less expensive than you …

My way – Norberto Bocchi’s: No Divorce is Looming

By Neapolitan Club • 10 October, 2012

"Norberto Bocchi"

Bocchi tells us about: Bridge Personality of the Year Award 2012; Rumors and free market..and more..a MUST READ.

The Italian way to Trials

By Neapolitan Club • 2 July, 2012


A New Trials formula…only for Italy?

Chris Willenken and Paul Hackett were on BTCC June 3 2012

By Neapolitan Club • 4 June, 2012


Sunday June 3rd 2012 Chris Willenken (USA) and Paul Hackett (England) were guests on BTCC

2012 Buffett Cup

By Neapolitan Club • 8 May, 2012


Photo: 2010 Winners USA Team. Date of 2012 Buffett Cup and the european players set…

My Way IV by Norberto Bocchi

By Neapolitan Club • 3 May, 2012


We need solid rails to put bridge back on the tracks…