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Conventions: The Thrump Double By Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 29 May, 2017

Instead of describing the thrump double, the decision was made to quote the author. The following description is by Mr. Marty Bergen, (website), who invented and devised the thrump double and …

Splinter Bids By Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 25 November, 2016

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Using Standard methods, many players would bid exactly as you and your partner did. However, there is a better way.

Bidding 3NT over 3 of a minor By Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 8 October, 2016

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

If you’d like to bid after an opponent’s three-level preempt, think 3NT.

Conventions: Ambiguous Splinters

By Marty Bergen • 11 April, 2016

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

I believe that it was Marty Bergen who first published the idea of ambiguous splinters (he calls them splinters with relay).

Marty Bergen: Secrets to Winning Bridge

By Marty Bergen • 14 February, 2016

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Worth Knowing about Negative Doubles; Opener Rebids after Responder’s Double

Correctly Evaluating Your hand by Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 29 December, 2015

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Honors in short suits are worth less than their assigned value and should be downgraded.

Improve Your Bridge Game with Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 12 December, 2015

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Improve Your Bridge Game with Marty Bergen is a Marty Bergen’s Facebook page, where he publishes almost every day a very short and very useful intermediate bridge tips.

Book looks at Hand Evaluation

By Marty Bergen • 16 November, 2015

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In 1996, Marty Bergen wrote the popular bridge book Points Schmoints, which is considered a classic. The Rule of 20, Bergen Raises, and the DONT convention are some of his contributions to modern bridge.

Everything’s under control — Part II by Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 25 September, 2015

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A control bid is so named because it promises a control in that suit —whether first or second round.

Everything’s under control — Part 1 by Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 24 September, 2015

Better Slam bidding by M. Bergen

Cuebids are bids in the opponent’s suit, such as Michaels. There is also a second category of cuebids…