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Can The Michaels Cuebid be Improved? By Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 2 February, 2017

"Gentlemen - raise your glasses'

Most of you are probably familiar with the convention known as a Michaels cuebid. It was invented by Mike Michaels many years ago and…

Back to the Basics By Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 28 December, 2016

As most of you know by now, I play and/or watch a lot of bridge hands. I am constantly astounded by those who play this game and either don’t know or consistently ignore a….

Opening Leads By Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 11 October, 2016

Marilyn Hemenway

The first big advantage of the defenders is the opening lead. Opening leads can be a source of immense profit (or loss) as well as one of the most entertaining and challenging aspects of the game.

Kickback – An Improvement for RKC by Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 21 February, 2016

Marilyn Hemenway

Anyone who uses Roman Keycard Blackwood (RKC) to investigate slam must have at some time been frustrated when the bidding got too high before they could get stopped.

When you are an intermediate defender by Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 1 October, 2015

Marilyn Hemenway G

Cover an honor with an honor only when there is a chance to promote a card in your own hand or in partner’s hand.

Try Something Different….Weak NoTrumps Perhaps? (Part I)

By Marilyn Hemenway • 14 April, 2015

Marilyn Hemenway G

An opening bid of 1NT that shows a balanced hand in the range of 10-12, 11-14, 12-14, or 13-15 HCP’s (or thereabouts) is considered a Weak Notrump.

Game Tries by Marilyn Hemeway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 13 August, 2014

Marilyn Hemenway

After responder has raised partner’s opening bid of one of a major suit, there are several methods available that can be used to show extra values and game or slam interest.

Bridge & Humor: Keeping Your Sense of Humor

By Marilyn Hemenway • 4 July, 2014


One of the good things about maturing (or just plain aging) is that you more frequently see the humor in things that go awry at the bridge table.


By Marilyn Hemenway • 18 June, 2014

Marilyn Hemenway

Perhaps, the most difficult aspect of defensive bidding is that of “balancing” which can probably best be defined as

There’s no Crying in Bridge by Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 21 April, 2014

Marilyn Hemenway

So when the following happens remember THERE’S NO CRYING IN BRIDGE.