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Cash Side Winners Before a CrossRuff by Justin Corfield

By Justin Corfield • 22 October, 2015


A crossruff, as its name suggests, is when, as declarer, you alternately trump one suit in dummy, and another in your hand.

Length Attracts Shortage

By Justin Corfield • 7 June, 2013

Justin Corfield

Source:  Mr. Bridge by Justin Corfield
Length Attracts Shortage: The Principle of Vacant Spaces
Other things being equal, there is a 36% chance that a suit will break …

Hold Up In Dummy’s Suit

By Justin Corfield • 22 October, 2012

Justin Corfield

The fate of many a contract depends on whether declarer can establish a long suit in dummy. Your job…

Don’t Abuse Conventions

By Justin Corfield • 1 October, 2012

Justin Corfield

Same players like conventions so much that they use them on any hand, however inappropriate. Here is a novel way to lose points:

Establish Dummy’s Suit

By Justin Corfield • 2 September, 2012

Justin Corfield

A key technique in declarer play