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Quantitative slam bidding by Josh Donn

By Joshua Donn • 4 February, 2016

Josh Donn

On Sundays, you can enjoy a free teaching session on BBO, hosted by different star players.

Breakin’ the Rules: Penalty Doubles by Joshua Donn

By Joshua Donn • 15 December, 2015

Joshua Donn

Penalty doubles are one aspect of bridge where a creative player can garner a sizeable advantage…

A Joshua Donn’s favorite deal

By Joshua Donn • 9 December, 2015

Agustin Madala en Bali 2013

I think Agustin Madala is a bridge genius unlike any we have seen, and this hand is just one piece of evidence.

Breakin’ the Rules: Opening 1NT with a Singleton

By Joshua Donn • 3 October, 2014

Joshua Donn

One tenet of standard bidding drilled into beginning players is that opening 1NT promises a balanced hand.

Breakin’ the Rules: Preempting then Acting Again

By Joshua Donn • 25 September, 2014

Joshua Donn

We have all heard bridge teachers state, often in unequivocal terms, that you should not act again after opening a weak two bid.

Breakin’ the Rules: Responding Light by Joshua Donn

By Joshua Donn • 14 February, 2014

Joshua Donn  & Justin Lall

Unlike some of the prior topics covered in this series, the idea of responding light to opening bids is not particularly controversial. Foto: Joshua Donn & Justin Lall

Breakin’ the Rules: Upgrading Into / Out of 1NT by Joshua Donn

By Joshua Donn • 12 February, 2014

Barry Goren & Josh Donn

Most players have no qualms about upgrading their hand when appropriate, and that especially applies to opening a 15-17 NT. Foto: Barry Goren & Josh Donn

Breakin’ the Rules: Passing with Good Hands by Joshua Donn

By Joshua Donn • 7 February, 2014

Joshua Donn

Perhaps the most prevalent trend in bidding in recent years is increased aggression. Players are opening, responding, overcalling, and preempting lighter than ever before.

Breakin’ the Rules: Defending on the 1-level by Joshua Donn

By Joshua Donn • 29 January, 2014

Joshua Donn

For years, I have heard player after player make some comment like “I had to balance – I couldn’t let them play on the 1-level!” …