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The Saga Continues: Very Last Breaking News

By Hanan Sher • 8 September, 2015


IBF Committee Rejects Fisher-Schwartz Challenge

The saga Continues: Israel Withdraws from Bermuda Bowl

By Hanan Sher • 5 September, 2015

Gilad Ofir

The Israel Bridge Federation has just announced (at 1.30 p.m. Israel time on Saturday, September 5) that Israel will not compete in the upcoming 2015 Bermuda Bowl. Photo: Gilad Ophir

The Israel Bridge Federation will investigate by Hanan Sher.

By Hanan Sher • 31 August, 2015

Hanan Sher

This is a copy of the official Israel Bridge Federation document opening an inquiry into the Fisher-Schwartz accusations.

Delta Swiss Final I: A Mysterious Substitute

By Hanan Sher • 11 May, 2012

The last match of the Delta Swiss, against the Pharaoh’s heavily-favored…

Delta Swiss II/2: Trapping the Camel Dealer

By Hanan Sher • 11 May, 2012

“We have a 20 DMP (Desert Match Point) lead,” Poppa Jake told his…

Delta Swiss Semi II/1: Poppa Meets the Used Camel Dealer

By Hanan Sher • 24 April, 2012

The semifinal opponents promised to be the toughest test yet for Poppa Jake’s team of desert bridgeplayers …

Delta Swiss I/2: Avaris Revisited

By Hanan Sher • 14 April, 2012

The Delta Swiss was one of the few times that…

Delta Swiss Semifinal I: Visitors from Afar

By Hanan Sher • 25 March, 2012

As might be expected in a land where the Divine Right of Kings superseded even the Law of Total Tricks